Welcome to Pryor's Own "Green Country Magazine" 

Green Country Magazine and Literary Journal, (the Journal), is the development of an outpouring of passion for writing and being a part of a larger project. It came into existence in 2023 when two Oklahoma natives, John and Robin Wallis, decided they needed a vessel to record their love for the area they grew up in, which is Northeastern Oklahoma. They picked the name, Green Country Magazine and Literary Journal, to reflect the lush geographical landscape for which this area of the state is known for. They love exploring every nook and cranny of the great outdoors and also love finding hidden gems from one city to another. They love finding mom-and-pop home-style restaurants to share with the world while driving the back roads of Oklahoma. This area also has several lakes, creeks, and rivers that are known for favorite swimming and fishing holes. The creation of the Journal stems from the difficulty of becoming a published author and would give unpublished writers an equal opportunity. The idea of the Journal came to be during a professional writing class for a university’s production of their own literary magazine.