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It's a Rock 'N Roll Kind of Day

Rock and Roll by Mary Reed

I turn on the radio to listen to some Rock N Roll.

But like Bob Seger said, “today’s music ain’t got the same soul”.

He was right it wasn’t the same, Bon Jovi was singing “you give love a bad name”.

I turn the station looking for more action,

but like Mick Jagger said “ I can’t get no satisfaction”

I hear John Lennon singing “Imagine”

I stop and listen.

This was the message I’ve been missing.

I find a station with a positive difference.

T. Mac, Jordan Feliz & Tauren Wells is what they play.

Like Frankie said, “I did it My Way”

Stop, Be Better by Josh Phillips

Self-improvement day.

Never perfect head hung low.

Better days await.

I’ve made some mistakes by Mary Reed

I’ve made some mistakes over the years.

Hurt lots of feelings and shed lots of tears.

I had to rely on the kindness of strangers,

not even realizing the dangers.

Working in bars is not always fun,

Especially when you’re staring down the barrel of a gun.

I wish I would have stayed in school,

Instead, I went out to play pool.

I can’t undo the mistakes I have done,

but if I could, I would have spent more time with my son.

R.I.P Joshua Daniel Cole

Guilty by Josh Phillips

Did that person just cut me off?

Banging fists on the steering wheel,

I was in quite the scoff.

I mashed on the pedal

getting back around at a quick pace

I sneered and glared at the person

whose eyes met mine as they turned their face

Guilt washed over me.

It felt like a disaster.

For the face that looked back at me

was the one of my loving Pastor.

MISTAKES by Robin Wallis

“M” mindless comebacks.

“I” intellectually vacant.

“S” sorrowful

“T” thoughts

“A” ambushing

“K” kindness.

“E” endlessly

“S” second guessing.

I made a mistake today by John Wallis

I made a mistake today.

I didn’t hold the door for someone in my way.

I didn’t say thank You for the blessings I received.

I lost my temper and raised my voice

at an injustice I perceived.

And I didn’t leave a tip

for that really nice waitress.

It’s very easy to recognize

a mistake after it’s been made.

Maybe I should try to learn

from the many mistakes I have made.

They are hammer and anvil forging my fate

in the furnace of a fallen world.

Leaving scars and imperfections that make

me another imperfect soul.

Thank God for Grace and Mercy

to give me fresh opportunity each day.

To make better choices for a better life,

To live freely - immersed only in His ways.

Why is it so easy

to recognize a mistake after it’s made?

Perhaps I should seek God’s grace and mercy

and to learn from the mistakes I’ve made.

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