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Now it’s time to break bread.

Tornado by Josh Phillips

The skies turn black,

Bright bolts of lightning,

A distant thunder crack.

Wind begins a blowing

Howling through the trees,

An imminent storm growing.

Spiral rotation up above

Animals begin to scatter

Away fly a bevy of Dove.

A giant funnel to the ground

It’s coming straight to us

To the shelter we bound

It sounds like a freight train

The winds wreaking havoc

Ending with a torrential rain.

Destruction all around

Debris scattered everywhere

Even trees thrown to the ground.

The storm was abject

Hard days are ahead

It’ll give all the neighbors a reason to connect

Better days are ahead

We all came together

Now it’s time to break bread.

Jolly Old Friends by John Wallis

These two trees started as jolly old friends.

They grew up, joined,

and became Siamese twins.

No One But You by John Wallis

It’s been many years since I’ve seen you.

Yet, you’ve entered my life once again.

You promised to love me forever,

But you destroyed my existence instead.

You took me on a fantastical journey,

Up and down – rollercoaster style,

then left me in ruins, destitute,

a broken reflection of self and hostile.

With you I became a prostitute of,

Pimping all my dignity for your love.

Thank God I was Able to be rid of you.

Now, I have no time or need for you.

I see you for who you are, too-

A manipulative, destructive persona.

A shallow friend and tainted ex-lover,

who, in the end cares for no one but you.

Do Better by John Wallis

Today is another chance for me to do better

Take up my challenge to be a joy spreader.

As I slake off the mistakes I made yesterday,

I take on the promise of a new day.

Thank you, LORD, for your grace and mercy

for giving me another chance and opportunity.

I want You to see me do better,

To be who I should be – Your Good News spreader.

So, I shake off the doom and gloom of yesterday

to seize on the promise of a new day

Take up my challenge to be a Gospel getter

Because today is another chance to do better.

Mechanical Love by Josh Phillips

You take me high

You take me low

Sometimes you force me to call for a tow

Your beautiful body

With all the right lines

I saved you from the crusher just to be mine

I’ve spent countless hours

You’ve kept me up late at night

Just so I can experience your newfound might.

You’ve taught me patience

Although I’ve let some curse words slip

And I’ve gotten bloody knuckles when the ratchet didn’t grip.

All in all it’s been quite the journey

With patience, pain, and strife

I have given my project car a new life

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